Structured Discovery Incorporated

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Mission: The Mission of Structured Discovery Incorporated (SDI) is to advance the methods and principles that underly Structured Discovery training as it relates to children and adults who are blind or who have low vision.

Structured Discovery Incorporated is a 501(C)3 organization whose purpose is to reinforce excellence in Structured Discovery methods and principles for all individuals, agencies, and organizations who seek to use Structured Discovery methods and principles.

Background: The name Structured Discovery was first applied to the teaching of orientation and mobility (cane travel) in 1984 and was trademarked as Structured Discovery Cane Travel (SDCT®) in 2009. The methods and principles that compose Structured Discovery; however, come from the lived experiences of blind men and women who are blind, and who have shared their experiences, attitudes, and techniques with each other through the organization of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) since 1940. SDCT is now a unique instructional service that is used to teach independence to individuals who are blind in a meaningful, robust, and life-long manner. SDCT instructional services consist of non-visual techniques, problem solving strategies, experiential learning, and confidence building experiences. SDCT relies heavily on Socratic questioning, (i.e., the asking of strategic questions to guide the learner in developing robust problem-solving), and the role modeling of non-visual techniques, which demonstrates their effectiveness while correcting misconceptions about blindness. These teaching strategies are used across all adjustment categories, including cane travel, Braille literacy, home management training, computer/access technology, wood shop, and seminars and other activities which focus on adjusting to blindness in a positive manner, and confronting attitudes about blindness by the blind ourselves and by society in general . Structured Discovery, therefore, describes a unique rehabilitation teaching service, substantially and recognizably different from conventional/traditional approaches of teaching individuals who are blind/visually impaired.

Structured Discovery strategies include:

Fully understanding and teaching under Structured Discovery methods and principles takes years of concerted training, dedication, and the proper perspective in understanding blindness and the capacity of individuals who are blind.

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